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 NextGenUpdate Removes Reputation System!

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PostSubject: NextGenUpdate Removes Reputation System!   Fri May 27, 2011 3:23 am

It was removed by an administrator named "NP Carling26." Here is why he removed it as he posted!

"Simple. There are many reasons, so I'll list them.

-It is a waste of staff time. Most staff get multiple PMs a day of people complaining about negative repping or rep boosters, and the staff waste valuable time investigating these claims.
-Rep boosting. Problem solved.
-It's just a number, it doesn't mean anything. I judge people based on their actions, not on a silly number on their profile.
-Immaturity about it. I'm gonna be brutally honest here: You guys are so immature about rep it makes my head spin. The slightest little -rep and you people go nuts, and start wars over it. It's foolish.
-The fights. So many fights occur because of this, and it usually results in an infraction or a ban. Now we won't have that.
-If you were a true NextGenUpdate member, you wouldn't care that Rep is gone. I don't."

Many users are saying they want it back and some do not. I have a BAD feeling about NextGenUpdate!! Shocked
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NextGenUpdate Removes Reputation System!
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